Some of the smiling faces you will find at the Mayfield’s retail store are Carrie Mayfield-Borgini (right) and her daughter, Victoria.
The business has expanded tremendously but Mayfield’s still carries a nice selection of quality produce, often sourced locally.
An example of some of the many landscaping projects Mayfield’s has completed over the years.

By Tara L. Cale

Four generations of the Mayfield family have shaped Max B. Mullins and Mayfield’s into a Staunton institution. Mayfield’s is not only a family-owned business, the Mayfield name is synonymous with hard work and customer service. Ask anyone in the community and they will tell you that each Mayfield employee, many of them family members, is completely invested in the satisfaction of their customers.

Expanding yearly, the business now offers a complete line of landscaping essentials, including beautiful fountains and yard ornaments. They also sell a large line of unique gifts.


1960: Paul and Maybelle Mayfield, and their eight children, move from Granite City, IL to Staunton, opening Mayfield’s Produce at 120 S. Hibbard. The business became a favorite of locals and residents from surrounding communities.

1987: The family decides to expand, adding a garden center. The sons opened Mayfield Bros. Produce, Inc., specializing in fresh fruits and vegetables, custom-made fruit baskets, and seasonal flowers and plants. Mayfield’s plants and garden decor were some of the best around, enjoyed by not only homeowners but landscapers who purchased the quality plants.

2000: After some family brainstorming sessions, the Mayfields decided to include “installation” into their mix – meaning, they didn’t just sell plants, rock, mulch, etc… they installed it… becoming landscapers themselves… for both residential and commercial customers.

“This was a move more timely for us than we could have imagined,” said store manager and landscape designer extraordinaire, Carrie Mayfield-Borgini.

“Because of the tragic events of 911, people then chose to stay home and use money previously designated for travel, now for fixing up their homes, including outside. Similar to what has happened over the last couple of years due to the pandemic.”

2013: Max Mullins, who owns Mullins Salvage in Mt. Olive, married Rebekah Mayfield. The two families decided to merge their businesses. Mayfield’s Produce and Garden Center became Max B. Mullins & Mayfields. Another expansion added outdoor furniture, gift items, and bakery items (from B&K Bakery in Mt. Olive)  to the selection of produce.

TODAY: Max B. Mullins & Mayfield’s offers a wide variety of services for both home and garden, residential and commercial, including complete yard makeovers on new or existing construction for all outdoor needs.

Services include, but are not limited to: backfilling, leveling, gutter drain systems, driveway and yard leveling, terraces, retaining walls, irrigation, paver drives, and sidewalks, sod, seeding, and hydroseeding, plant placement and/or removal, landscape maintenance, paver patios, backyard ponds, waterfalls and… whew… there’s even more! Including mowing and lawn maintenance plus seasonal snow removal.

Now, you may be thinking, “I’ve driven by this place and it looks pretty small to be offering all of these services.” But keep in mind, the storefront at 120 S. Hibbard is Staunton is not the extent of the business – it is just a small portion of all that is entailed. They have a fleet of trucks and equipment needed for their services housed at other locations. The storefront is basically just the retail offerings.

Produce is sourced locally, when available, and if not, it comes from St. Louis.

It’s some of the best-looking – and tasting – produce I’ve seen! They also have a local honey supplier. The retail store offers a variety of home and garden decor, including Green County Decor outdoor furniture, which is made from recycled plastic and will not rot, split or fade for decades. Memorial items and pottery are in stock as well.

One of the newest things offered by Mayfield’s is concrete and stone countertops, bars, and outdoor kitchens. Their own counters inside the store are now beautiful examples of options available.

But something they are possibly best known for is their landscape services, including landscape design.

“Our landscape design team takes your dreams and transforms them into a customized visual blueprint which – in the hands of our hardworking landscapers – will come to life. We like to call the finished product of this process: ‘your dreamscape’, “ Borgini said. When asked what area they cover as far as landscape services, she added, “We really don’t turn anyone down. We have some happy clients in the St. Louis area that have referred us to other homeowners there, so we go about anywhere that’s feasible.”

Fortunately, for us, Farmersville is one area they deem feasible as we have taken advantage of their free custom design service for landscaping in front of our house and plan on starting on that soon. You know I will share before and after photos with you!

“With our landscape design service the client can do it themselves, we can do it all, or we can split it up, depending on what they are comfortable with,” Borgini added. “They don’t even have to buy their plants from us. It’s just a service that we offer.”

All of Mayfield’s crew leads are experienced professionals with a minimum of five years of on-the-job experience. All crew members must also adhere to Mayfield’s employee etiquette and performance guidelines.

Mayfield’s stands behind all plant purchases and contracted work for one year. Their customer’s satisfaction is a number one priority.

Estimates are free, and no job is too large or too small.

Paul Mayfield may have come to Staunton with a small dream of a local produce store, but his descendants took that dream, expanded it, and turned it into a large, respected enterprise that continues to put its customers first.

Max B. Mullins & Mayfield’s is located at 120 S. Hibbard in Staunton. Hours are Monday through Friday, 6 am- 5 pm (get there early to get the best-baked goods!), and Saturday 7 am-2 pm. They are closed on Sundays, major holidays, and… if a big snowstorm comes through, the retail store will shut down so the entire crew can be out plowing, shoveling, and salting for their clients. For more information call 618-635-3050, visit & Mayfields Landscaping, or visit their website: Their website not only provides information about the business and their services but also contains helpful information including essential tools for your lawn and garden, information about how often you should water your garden, the best choice for perennials for this area, and more.

Mayfield’s is currently in “full bloom” for the spring planting season.
One of the newest offerings from Mayfield’s… stone and concrete countertops, bars, and outdoor kitchens.
Max B. Mullins & Mayfield’s has a large fleet to help take care of your landscaping – and snow removal needs.